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garyGary Boa

Gary was born in Windsor Ontario in 1959. He is of mixed race on his father’s side. His Grandmother was pure Lakota from Michigan.  He’s a young warrior that loves his culture and walks on the red road. He tries to live by the 7 Grandfather teachings and enjoys partaking in all ceremonies. He has been an artist all his life and has worked in a wide variety of mediums. He has been doing Native Art since 2016 and really enjoying it. He feels that it was trapped inside of him and now he’s getting to release it and share it. He’s been making Spiritual Rattles which are used to call upon Spirits that enable prayer and singing.


Murphy George (Carver)
Artist Bio coming soon


AngeliqueAngelique Merasty Levac
(Birch Bark Biting)
Birch Bark Biting is an ancient art for once commonly practiced by northern Woodland women, and today undergoing a revival due to artist such as Angelique. She is one of the 3 remaining artists who practice this unusual art form. Angelique first saw this art as a young child, but only started producing these images after meeting her namesake Angelique Merasty in 1980. She has been practicing and producing these beautiful images since that time. Through her renewal interest in this art form, Birch Bark Biting will continue as a beautiful and traditional native art form.

jasmineJasmine Netsena

Music is Jasmine Netsena’s first language. From the age of five, the award-winning singer-songwriter, who is of the Dene and Tahltan Nations, learned to sing from her grandmothers in their Indigenous languages. Classical voice training only strengthened that bedrock, and now, Jasmine has been honing her songwriting and guitar skills for close to 15 years.


KariKari Patterson

Kari is of the Northen Tutchone/Vuntut Gwitchin from the NND First Nation. She has worked in animation and is currently painting with acrylic on canvas. For more information visit her Website or Facebook



Erin Stagg

Metis Painter specializing in colourful, joyful works that celebrate the landscapes of Western Canada.